Welcome To Our Academy

We've made it our mission to help teachers working with kids who have been diagnosed with Autism.

By working hard to bring together families, teachers, Behavior Analysts, Speech Therapists, Social Workers, and many other service providers; we believe that we can break down barriers and work with one another to find new solutions.

IEP meetings, assessments, and reports don't have to be a source of dread.

Instead, let's use them as a way to come together.

Let's use them as a source of inspiration.

Let's get started, together.

Our Mission.

To bring together a growing network of support, while providing Professional Development to parents, teachers, and service providers through our online academy

Online Academy

We provide Professional Development courses for teacher and support staff, pertaining to Special Education. Subjects range from setting up your classroom to behavior support strategies, and everything in between.

Please have your administrator contact us to discuss a solution

tailored to your specific needs.

We also provide online courses to parents who are looking to increase their Autism Education knowledge. These courses will ALWAYS be free of charge, and were created to help assist parents navigate the intricacies of Special Education in many public school systems. Feel free to share them with your own student's parents.

Lastly, we provide Continuing Education Units to Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), as well as RBT Training Modules and Supervisor courses. Courses range from 1-8 units, with new subject matters added regularly.

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