Welcome to our Academy

We've made it our mission to provide FREE and valuable courses for parents of kids with Autism.

These courses will never cost anything for you, and we hope that you enjoy them while taking away some important tidbits.

It's easy to get lost in the nonstop jargon thrown your way, and our only goal is that you walk away with some knowledge that you can use along your journey.

Thank you for joining us.

Why are we doing this?

Over the course of several years, we've noticed a trend in many districts and centers:

Parents don’t have clear access to crucial information they need in order to support their child, and engage with their school districts.

Whether this was information about assessments, services, therapy, insurance, or IEPs; we saw how difficult it was for many families to navigate the endless facets of parenting a child with Autism. Add on to this the clinical jargon and endless paperwork, and it became a mound of stress just trying to navigate the many systems in place.

We wanted something different for the families we work with.

We want to EMPOWER parents.

Our Mission

To bring together a growing network of support, while educating parents, teachers, and service providers through our online academy.

Your Community

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Our community members support one another and share information along the way.